I’m not sure that I saw a single sunrise in 2019. However, I tried to make up for it in sunsets, and wanted to share some of my favourite sunset photos.

I frequently walk in the evening, particularly in winter when evening comes early and in summer when I can walk after work. And if I see a sunset, I try to find a good place to take photos from.

Looking back through my photos for 2019, I can see 68 days with sunset photos - more than once a week. Though even that’s nothing to 2020 - working from home has given me so many more opportunity to see the sunset that I’d already matched that number by August.

Every month in 2019 had some days where I saw the sunset, though February had the most (including 15 out of the 23 days I was in New Zealand). Being in New Zealand also meant seeing a sunset when I was closer to the South Pole than to the Equator.

Some of these photos are ones that I remember vividly where I was, what the sunset looked like, and how well the photos had captured it. Others were a real surprise - I had no memory of taking the photos, but they still managed to impress me.

Some of the photos had brighter colours than real life, some of them less bright. Some of them looked more spectacular than they really were, others I couldn’t quite capture what I liked about the sunset.

And, while I like each of these photos, some of them have been chosen more because the places involved were meaningful to me than because of the photo itself.

Flying off into the sunset (Melbourne)
The lingering glow (Lake Pearson)
Clouds galore (Franz Josef)
Pretending to be a volcano (Mount Cook)
Way down south (Invercargill)
Safely back home (Docklands)
Hang glider (Williamstown)
Truly gorgeous colours (Plenty Gorge)
A properly educated cloud formation (Monash University)
Standing tall (Lysterfield)
Branching out (Burke's Lookout)
Feeling that winter glow (Burke's Lookout)
The sun sinks (Burke's Lookout)
Or does it float? (Lysterfield)
The last glow fades (Lysterfield)
On the way home from work (Camberwell Station)
As the sun sinks below the waves... (Frankston)
... there's still time for windsurfing (Frankston)
Who needs drinking water when you've got gold (and sunsets)? (Walhalla)
In the eye of the sunset (Dandenong Ranges)
Reaching to heaven (Dandenong Ranges)