Books (Posts | Subscribe)

I read a combination of fiction and non-fiction, classics and little known works. Frequently they have quotes or ideas that I would love to reflect on or share.

Hiking (Posts | Subscribe)

I love hiking, because it gives me the chance to get out and explore nature at my own pace. It also gives time to think, and it makes a change from staring at a computer all day. Here I describe a few of the more unusual walks I have taken.

Personal (Posts | Subscribe)

Personal opinions, experiences, and things that I liked or didn't like.

Religion (Posts | Subscribe)

I was brought up a Christadelphian, was baptised, and acted as a lay preacher and respected member of the community for many years. However, eventually I came to the conclusion that my beliefs were not based on truth, and so decided to quit. Since quitting I have come across more information that makes me confident I've made the right decision. Here I share some some of what I learned during that process.

Society (Posts | Subscribe)

While I don't believe civilisation is in continual decline, I do see many challenges and opportunities, and analysing them is fun.

Technology (Posts | Subscribe)

Software development is my job, but I'm not particularly interested in having the latest gadget or playing with the latest technology. Instead, I'm more interested in big picture issues like how changes in technology affect culture, and how we can make systems easy to use and hard to get wrong.